Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A New Hope

Ladies and Gentlemen, how nice it is to see you all here. If you are only looking at this in your reading feed then you should come over.

First of all welcome to the end of the year; my-oh-my has it flown by. There is a theory that our perception of time is based on memorable experiences; the more memorable experiences (good or bad) you have close together the more that period of time ‘feels’ slower. If this is true - shit is about to get slow

I have exciting news folks, not only have I made the big move in with my girlfriend, more to come on that later (not a euphemism), but it just so happens that today marks the launch of the 2014 Adelaide Fringe Festival...

You know… the largest arts festival in the southern hemisphere?

The second largest arts festival in the world; second only to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival…

To be honest I was expecting more of a response; I'll give you some more information then:

I'M DOING A SHOW! (I may be excited; just a little bit)

Translation: I am proud to announce that I will be performing stand up at the 2014 Adelaide Fringe.

Drum-roll please...
You guys might remember a certain peanut butter nut by the name of Michael D’Agostino, well he and I decided to join forces and jump in the proverbial deep end and put a show together. The show is called “Mike and Rusty jump in the deep end”. At this stage Mike and I are excited and petrified, because as the name suggests we are really jumping into the deep end here. This is not a show we have been booked for, we are using our own money and backing ourselves; whether we win or lose can only be attributed to us.

Put pressure on yourself much?

Mike and I will be releasing stuff leading up to the shows, but for now you can buy tickets at FringeTix



  1. Hi Rusty!! So glad to see you :)

    And so excited for you two! Man, I wish I was able to attend. It just might be a little bitsy too far, though, you know? I do hope you are able to tape it and post it, because that seems like it will be hysterical. Good job, you two on getting that set up.

    And I definitely need to hear more about the moving in with the girlfriend thing! You know I'm nosy about that stuff!

    1. I am sure you will find out more about the moving in stuff if I happen to record the show ;)

  2. Wait... There's a Southern Hemisphere now?

    I second the above comment. Video and post please, so us xenophobic-types can enjoy too.

    1. I only learnt about the southern hemisphere from The Simpsons; can you imagine what it's like to suddenly find out you're on the bottom?

      All of a sudden your life is turned upside-down

  3. This Michael guy sounds crap, you should ditch him.

    1. After the spot last night, I would ditch myself