Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome to October, commence the fun and games

I don’t know about you, but the last few months have been a whirlwind of awesome. I have been part of the new sensation in electronic light reading “All Cracked Up” with some awesome writers, I have done a few gigs that went well and have been booked for more, I'm off to a good start with my Masters, I go on holiday on Wednesday to Europe with the GF, and I have been involved in another publishing adventure that had its launch on Sunday.

Set pants to wet
First up, “All Cracked Up” is a hilarious romp through the mind and lives of some of the best writers on the Internet. It features authors from all walks of life exploring all things from rules for cat owners to high gloss paint protecting your assets against shit happening. Available currently as an eBook  you can purchase here from Amazon

Below is a list of the writers liable for literally splitting your sides laughing in All Cracked Up

Set pants to... fantasy
Want more of me? That shouldn't be a problem, for when I come back from holiday with a few extra kilos there should be more of me to share. But if you were after some more writing, then you can check out “Tales from the Sleeping Dragon”. It is a collection of fantasy short stories from a group of Adelaide writers launched yesterday afternoon. That’s right, I'm very local. Get in early to score a limited edition of the book (as they spelt my name wrong on the cover and will be reprinting soon). My story is about a man who must go against his cultural beliefs to save his people from war.

If you are interested you can purchase the book from Amazon. There is no ebook version at this time, but it is coming soon.

I am going on holiday for a few weeks on Wednesday, but do not despair, I have something awesome for you. I will be hosting a guest blogger series featuring some writers you may already know, plus someone new to the blogging world that I would like you to meet.

Plus as an added incentive to stop by and say hello, I have three copies of “Tales from the Sleeping Dragon” to give away. If you want to score a free copy, just post a funny/engaging/friendly comment on any of the guest posts next week, and I will pick a favourite from each blog.

So please come back over the next few weeks and say hello to my guests, and leave abuse for me. I will after all be reading them from a café in Paris, from the shores of Nice, the walls of Caen Castle, a pizza shop in Rome, or even the mean sewer streets of Venice. That is how I roll.



  1. Enjoy your vacation. Be sure to have a Bellini in Harry's Bar when you're in Venice.

  2. Around here, coming back from holiday with a few extra kilos means that you've been to Columbia.

    Glad to hear that everything's coming up Rusty lately. Enjoy.

  3. Is your new DRAGON book so local that American won't get the lingo?

    Great to hear things are going well.

  4. Yay, I'm excited things are going well for you! Have a fantastic trip, it sounds wonderful. Looking forward to reading the guest posts, and then looking forward to hearing about the trip :)

  5. I WILL come back. Hopefully I'll come back at such a time that I can leave a comment. I can read blogs on my phone, but the commenting never works. (It's my multiple personalities...logging in is an issue.)
    Have fun!

  6. I'm going to call you at all hours of the day in the hope of waking you up while you're trying to adjust to the time zone.

  7. Enjoy your vacation, I am going to watch comdey central all this week to get ready with those funny comments. Do you minus points for plagiarism, then I wouldnt let you know the source.