Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Colour my life

In lieu of writing anything new, here is another attempt at stand up from last night. I tried some new jokes, jokes that I didn’t steal from here for a change and some went down pretty well. Others, not so well. Still learning, still writing, still keeping my day job.

Try to enjoy, and remember to have a crack yourself at some point, it is great fun.

1 in 12 men and 1 in 400 women are colour blind in Australia,  I do not know the exact stats anywhere else but they are roughly on the same level in western countries, so I am not a freak.

But I may be a super freak, because some geneticists believe that colour blindness mutated so that we can see through some animal camouflage, including the dicks who wear camo pants in Rundal Mall. You are not fooling anybody but yourself. Unless you are in the actual defence force, hunting and you are out bush, or in a forest trying not to be seen, camouflage gear is never appropriate.

Is it my super power? I would have to say no.


  1. Ever seen this shirt?



  2. I said it before, and I'll say it again, this looks so damn fun. I really need to do this. Each time you post one of these I get closer and closer to just saying to hell with it and doing it. And again, awesome job.

  3. Question ... what color is the background of your blog?

    ... ;)