Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 is dead, long live 2012

Now that 2011 is disappearing in the haze of firework smoke, it is time to reflect on achievements and setbacks and hope for a feeling other than regret or shame. Hoping to avoid the feeling not unlike using tissues by yourself when you are not sick. 2011 must have been fun because it disappeared faster than the dips on Christmas day. Or was it just our dips that the flies covered? I'm not so sure now if that is an appropriate metaphor.


I tried a bunch of new things this year and achieved two out of the three goals. I went climbing on real rocks with a bunch of mates and now go climbing regularly, albeit indoors (it is just too bloody hot at times). I did get together with the Chess Hammer guys and did silly voices in a microphone. The only thing I did not accomplish was the first draft, but I am halfway there (whoa, living on a prayer) and look to finish that in the next couple of months when work dies down in two weeks. I have not been avoiding writing, I have just been writing things other than the novel.

Plus now I am inspired by the A Beer For The Shower's debut novel "The Missing Link", available at all good Amazons as an ebook. It is super funny and hooks you straight away with jokes about fat cats with diabetes (not a competition entry, the book is actually funny). Read their blog and get in to it.

Big shout out goes to Greg at Dogs On Drugs, your website is one slander case short of legendary and your insanity is helping me keep track of mine. I hope someone makes you a sandwich soon, preferably someone famous.

The Simple Dude in a complex world is worth a look if you're not already doing so on a regular basis.

Scott at It's MY Mind can manifest a good chuckle, get in to that too.

For 2012, life is going to get pretty busy.
  • I will finish that first draft, and if it is any good, start the second draft.
  • I am getting back into long distance running despite what I have said before. It is mostly because I like food too much, but there are a few ultra marathons that I want to do.
  • I'm going to do more stand up comedy. I have entered into Raw Comedy, which is an emerging stand up competition in Australia. I hope to develop my act, get more comfortable on stage, and be better at writing jokes in general. The less time my girlfriend rolls her eye the better I would imagine. But with more puns.
Let's see how that goes for now, I can always re-evaluate in a few months. That's the point of goals over resolutions.

2011 is dead, long live 2012.

Look after yourselves,



  1. I am always entertained by your words Rusty, be they in written or spoken form. So nice to have a shout out from you. As prolific as I have been thus far, I'm doing a 31 day 31 blog challenge deals, so hopefully my standards won't be compromised... HNY and good luck with the goals!


  2. Thanks for the love, brother. Er...not that brotherly kind of love, either. Best of luck with both the first and second draft! Get it done!!!

  3. I appreciate your New Years' goals because they are based off things you already have going, heretofore, more realistic. Also, I would like to thank you ... I haven't had the opportunity to use 'heretofore' in a long time.

    - Ash

  4. I've always wondered how many copies of rough drafts we should keep. I'm working on something myself and I rework it and rework it and then wonder what it said the first time around. Been thinknig I should just keep the different copies so I can go back one day and be surprised at myself. :)
    I hardly remember 2011 it went by so quickly, so nothing neat like rock climbing happened... but I did give myself a lecture about writing! I'm glad I found your blog... happy marathons!